Letter from the Chairman

Speech delivered by the president and chairman of council association of national accountants of Nigeria – ANAN, Alhaji Sakirudeen Tunji Labode, FCNA, FCSA at the formal launching of IPSAS Academy and IPSAS Online Certification jointly sponsored by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland and ANAN, held in Rome, Italy on the 11thNovember, 2014.

I am highly delighted and honoured to address you all as my maiden speech after our admission into the full membership of International Federation of Accountants: IFAC. This is really a strategic move to collaborate with another professional accountancy body on IPSAS and other related programmes.

As you may know, our Professional Accountancy Organisation stands for professional excellence, truth, hard work, consistency, fair play, probity and accountability. Therefore, in today’s gathering, you are witnessing another step forward in the pursuit of achievable dreams and goals of the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria – ANAN and The Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland – CPAI.

Permit me to reiterate at this juncture that ANAN is the leading PAO in Public Sector Accounting in Nigeria and we shall continue to strive and work hard to maintain that leadership status in that jurisdiction and by extension help to build and develop other PAOs in Africa and other developing countries that will require our expertise in that direction worldwide.

For our brothers and sisters in the developing countries, if we truly desire to drop this toga and join the league of developed nations, our reporting system must swing along the lines of the credible path. That will also lead to transparent presentation of financial statements through application of the standards. Many governments introduced IPSAS because it is considered to be good and transparent. While some adopted the standard wholesome, some adopted and modified the standards, but the bottom line however is the universality. The use of IPSAS is steadily becoming more widely spread and increasingly relevant in public sector accounting around the world.

To our notable, reliable friends and supporters – the CPA Ireland, I am glad that our coming together to collaborate on the IPSAS Academy and the IPSAS Online Certification will lead to a boom in the symbiotic relationship that started a few years ago. ANAN is more than ready to continue to partner with CPAI on this project and others that will be coming up as the time goes on. This will change the entire landscape of both PAOs. Our members will be the core beneficiaries of this collaboration which shall be made available to even non-members. With this laudable project in place our members and clients across the globe shall be better for it. ANAN and CPAI have resolved to deploy the required resources to ensure the sustenance of this project which shall be of the highest quality and standard.

On our part, ANAN as the leading PAO in Public Sector Accounting in Nigeria, welcomes the IPSAS Academy and IPSAS Online Certification and we shall maximally cooperate with CPAI to see that the projects succeed in our jurisdictions and beyond. Our membership strength and the commitment of our Council and members are essential assets to this collaboration. On the other hand, the sound professional expertise of the two PAOs in this specialized area of accountancy will serve as fulcrum for the synergetic benefits.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, with this collaboration we are convinced of the delivery of our professional services in line with the world’s best practices. The two PAOs shall by this joint effort enhance productivity, accountability and efficiency in service delivery of our members.

Thank you,

Alhaji Sakirudeen Tunji Labode, FCNA, FCSA

President and Chairman of Council


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